Cooking Oil ATM Machine in Kenya
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Cooking Oil ATM Machine in Kenya

Having a side hustle is a great thing because not only does it compliment your main income but can come in handy in case you lost your job or main source of income. Among the many side hustles you can venture into is reselling cooking oil. However for you to really succeed in this business, you are better of operating with a cooking oil ATM. So where can you buy a cooking oil ATM machine in Kenya?

Where to get high quality cooking oil ATM machine in Kenya

If you are interested in buying a cooking oil ATM, there are a several places you can buy one but very few manufacturers make high quality machines. One of the leading suppliers of high quality cooking oil ATM machines in Kenya is Phyne Ltd. Our ATMs are made to the highest quality to serve you for long haul.

Digital control and calibration unit

Our cooking oil ATM machines come with a digital control and calibration unit that is very helpful in:

  1. Calibrating the right place- the digital control unit helps you set the right price per litter so that you can be able to sell at the right price.
  2. Sales records and reconciliation- the digital control unit also helps you do accurate sales reconciliation because it records sales every time you sell. This is very helpful in reconciling sales at the end of the day or week or month. It also helps make any employee you have account for all sales income.
  • Preventing sales manipulation- the unit also has a password which means someone cannot manipulate the sales unless they have the password. Therefore you can confidently leave someone else to operate it without fearing they might cheat you.

Strong body

We make our cooking oil ATM with a very strong body to ensure they last for the longest time. This also ensures that it’s not easily damaged when moved around or placed at a place where it regularly come into contact with other items that are moved around. For example in some cases people put it near or at the entrance of the shop. Because other goods keep being moved to and fro can easily damage it if it’s not made with strong body material.

Attractively branded

People are easily attracted by something visually attractive. That’s how were created and a well branded ATM can attract clients from a distance. The branding helps advertise your business by shouting the presence of the cooking oil ATM machine from a distance.

Low power consumption

The other thing that makes our ATMs preferable is their lower power consumption. The pumps we install are very energy efficient and you don’t have to worry about power consumption. The fact that also the machine runs only when in operation means its power consumption is very minimal.

Keeps oil at room temperatures so it doesn’t solidify

Cooking oil at times tend to solidify especially during cold seasons or in cold areas. With this in mind, we make ours with high quality body that helps keep temperatures at the right level to avoid solidifying. You don’t need to worry that you will be experiencing oil solidifying which can even prevent it from flowing out through the pump.

Searching where to buy Cooking oil ATM machine in Kenya

If you are in the market for a high quality cooking oil ATM you have come to the right place. Phyne Ltd is a leading supplier of cooking oil ATM machines in Kenya. Our customers are very impressed with the ATMs we have supplied to them and this has really enabled us become the trusted cooking oil ATMs supplier in Kenya.

Get in touch with us today if you need one.


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