Cooking Oil ATM

Cooking Oil ATMs

At Phyne Ltd, we are experts in making top quality cooking oil ATMs. If you are interested in starting the business of selling salad oil you need a cooking oil ATM also called salad oil ATM. A salad oil ATM will really help you succeed in this business. And for that reason, you must go for a top quality machine.

Why buy cooking oil ATM from us

High quality- at Phyne Ltd, we are driven by customer satisfaction. To achieve this we realize that we must offer our customers top quality products. This is what has enabled us to excel in this business because our products are of the highest quality. Our technicians have the right skills and experience in constructing cooking oil ATMs that meet the highest quality KEBS standards. cooking oil ATM machine

Affordable prices- we understand how important cost cutting is. Because we want you to save on startup costs, we offer very affordable prices for our salad oil ATMs without compromising on the quality. This gives you a double advantage; you save on cost and at the same time get a high quality product.

Timely delivery- because we boast of an experienced technical team, we are able to make our products within

a very short time. We ensure that we have finished your product within the agreed time frame so you can start using your machine at the earliest time possible.

After sale service- in case of a breakdown of the machine, we will offer you timely service and because you are our customer, we give you a discount.

Are you interested in acquiring a cooking oil ATM? Get in touch with us by sending us a message on WhatsApp or filling the contact form below and we will get back to you. You can also call us on the phone numbers indicated at the top by just clicking on any of them.

cooking oil ATM

Prices of our Cooking Oil ATMs

60 litres capacity @ 65000 Ksh
100 litres capacity @ 75000 Ksh
150 litres capacity (with sms notification) @ 85000 Ksh
200 litres capacity (with sms notification) @ 95000 Ksh

Make money with a cooking oil ATM

Do you want to see how you can generate good income with a salad oil ATM? We have a step by step guide with cash flow projections for your reference. Follow the link to see how you can make good cash with a cooking oil ATM.