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Who we are

Most frequently every customer has his specific need that off the shelf products may not give full satisfaction. This has heightened the need for customer tailored products which specifically solves the immediate customer both problem efficiently and effectively. In line with this facts we have established a company known as Phyne Limited where we listen to your challenge and solve it amicably using the latest available technology.

Further, we have a variety of products we have designed for local use ranging from Milk Atms, Automated bell systems, PLC , Cooking oil Atms and many more.

Our prices are very competitive as we have imported most of our essentials cheaply. This ultimately gives our customer value for his money.

We are experts in programming logic controls, general programming, integrating applications with the hardware. Also we are pro efficient in Arduino programming, circuit designing and many more.

On this platform,We work hard in hard with students who are doing their projects in different courses. This  courses include: Computer Science, Mechatronics engineering, Electrical and electronic engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electrical and computer engineering. Here we  help them realize a fully functional projects within the limited time they have.

Phyne limited offers support for cold rooms and maintenance of temperature in server rooms via real time messaging and emailing.