2. Milk ATM

Phyne Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high quality milk ATMs in Kenya. We make ATMs that meet the highest Kenya Dairy Board standards and also approved by them. If you are interested in venturing into the business of selling milk and need a good quality milk dispensing machine then you have come to the right place.

Why buy a milk ATM from us?

milk atm
milk atm

Top quality milk ATMs- we believe that you deserve the right to enjoying optimum service from any product you buy from us. It is for that reason why we have resolved to make products that are of the highest quality for all our clients. We want the machine to serve you for a long time without faults so that you can get value for your money.

Milk ATMs approved by Kenya Dairy Board- all our ATMs meet the highest standards set by Kenya Dairy board. This means you don’t have to worry about getting into trouble with the KDB agents when they make a random unannounced visit to your business premises. We use the approved components so that you can sell milk that is safe for consumption to your clients.

Affordable prices- Regardless of the capacity of the unit you purchase from us, you will get it at a very affordable price. The price for each machine is determined by its milk volume capacity. Our ATMs start from 50 litres to 500 litres. This helps us cater for any client who needs one.

Timely after sale services- in case of a breakdown we offer very timely services so you can resume your business operations in the shortest time possible and be able to maintain a good name amongst your customers.

PLC with GSM

We have come a long way in improving the PLC ( Programmable logic control) to allow for more interaction with the machine remotely. Therefore, we have introduced the GSM (global system for mobile communication which allows communication with the machine remotely. Your phone is connected with the milk atm machine. Hence, You are able to monitor stock levels and sale records using your phone Remotely.

Guidelines into choosing a good milk atm.

Typically, we have two types of milk vending machines depending on the type of cooler. fridge or freezer. Which milk atm is better?  for fridge cooler or for freezer cooler

milk atm machine
milk atm machine
recommended by kdb not recommended by kdb
mobile or portable .uses less space fixed at shop , uses more space
more expensive and more durable less expensive
uses more power to cool uses less power to cool


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Milk ATMHow to make money with a milk ATM

We have prepared a cash flow breakdown of how you can make good cash with a milk ATM. Click the link to see the whole breakdown.



what is the price of milk atm in Kenya?

A good milk vending machine will range from 80,000 all the way to 160,000. The table below shows the current pricing which is negotiable depending on the customization needed.

However , PHYNE  is defined by its ability to fit into customer or clients budget while at the same time not compromising on quality. We offer advice on which machine to choose and make site visit from time to time to ensure the machine is working at optimal conditions.

60litres 70,000
100litres 90,000
150litres with gsm-sms system 110,000
200litres with gsm-sms system 130,000
300litres with gsm-sms system 150,000

Delivery and installation.

Phyne limited believes customer satisfaction is the basis of building business muscles. So we will ensure we have delivered milk atm in person,  offer free installation and further do the necessary free training. this will ensure the users will effortlessly be able to perform sales and set the machine according to the pricing of the locality. However, quite far distances beyond 160 km will incur subsidized charges. this charges will not be higher than ksh 3,000 anywhere in Kenya and East Africa at large. This price is however negotiable.