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1. Water Purifier & Treatment Machine

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REVERSE OSMOSIS – this is so far the most effective way of cleaning water .

It has sand filtration – couple with softener both in the FRP.

It has a cartridge filters – for removing sediments and smell.

it has membranes for removing soluble salts , coupled with powerful pressure pump to push water through membranes.

has dosing pump to continuously monitor ph, maintain membranes and enhance water taste.

has uv sterilizer to kill pathogens – bacteria, protozoa and virus

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Karibu PHYNE, You’ll love doing business with us! Our water purifier and treatment machine assembly is world class and meets ISO standardazition.

We are a world leader exclusively dedicated to water management and water testing services.

We provide efficient, cost effective, innovative solutions for laboratory testing and water purification problems in water vending entrepreneurs, residential, commercial, and industrial, institutions and agriculture.

PHYNE focus provides clear foundations upon which effective and efficient future management of water and natural resources is based.

In whichever business you are in from leisure, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, PHYNE offers a one stop solution for all your water and waste water management needs.

The emphasis we place on customer service and technical support helps distinguish PHYNE.

With over 8years of experience, we are confident that we have skills and the resources to help reduce operating costs and  make efficient use of water.

A partnership build on integrity, excellence, expert consultation and a passion to help clients creates strong foundations for our success. That’s PHYNE

Water management, automation and laboratory analysis is all that we do, and consequently we do it brilliantly. No other company has same depth of dedicated expertise and equivalent experience.

Our water treatment services are unrivalled.

Our water purifier & treatment machine meets the highest quality standards. This machine is ideal for any water station you might want to install. The water purifier and treatment machines come in different capacities in terms of output volume.

This machine is able to purify city council water, borehole water or river water and is ideal for setting up a bottled water station. Depending with the source of water, the purification process involves different stages/processes.


Basically, one most important factor while choosing a  water purifier and treatment  machine is raw material quality  and in our case the quality of water.

The following parameter are just but a few to help you determine the quality of  your water:

  • PH – the ph  will help in determining the amount of acidity and alkalinity in the water. Too low ph (below 3) depicts high acidity and on the other hand too high ph (above 12)depicts high alkalinity. Good quality water will range between 6 to 8 in the ph scale. However , 7 is the ideal ph. BUY a ph meter now
  • Turbidity- this is the extent to which water is clear. It is a physical composition of water which is mainly affected by total suspended particles in water. Total suspended particles may be due to siltation, algae and other bacteria and protozoa in the water. Turbidity above 5ntu  is poor.
  • TDS- total dissolved solids. This is chemical composition of water. Amount of ions , say calcium,Mg,F,Fe,K etc in the water. soluble salts in water affects taste, color, and portability of the water. For quantity :
    TDS( Total dissolved solids)  remarks
    below 300ppm excellent
    300-600ppm good
    600-900ppm fair
    900 and above poor

    In a nutshell, above are crucial factors to check just before buying a water purification machine and setting up the plant. However, a comprehensive, report on testing is recommended as it will give the engineers a clear picture of which methods of water purification to apply.BUY a TDS meter now


this are the two main water treatment methods. Lets look in to their differences to help make an informed decision on which purification method to apply.

Can filter water down to the superfine level of 0.000001 micron  Can filter water down to the superfine level of 0.025 micron
Touches on both physical and chemical composition of water Touches on physical properties of water only
Eliminates fluoride and other dissolved salts- good for borehole water, or salty water  does not eliminate dissolved salts.- good for municipal water
requires pressure pump, membranes, dosing pump and filters Requires granular filters , carbon filtes and ultra filtration
Water has enhanced taste and good for commercial packaging water has flat taste comparable to that of  clean tap water
High investment and high returns low investment , low returns


photo of reverse osmosis and ultra filtration systems done by phyne limited 


In conclusion and holding all factors constant, Reverse osmosis water treatment has higher advantages and value compared to other forms of water treatment.


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  1. dan

    high quality and cost effective

  2. eng. kamau gachuhi

    Unrivalled expertise keep it up Phyne,.

  3. Rosemary

    Good job Phyne limited we have come a long way together.

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  5. Dr.P Kariuki

    High quality,durable and saves cost. I am a happy customer. Thank you for phyne ltd for helping me improve my business.

  6. Jane Muchiri

    Thanks phyne, you’re changing lives every day.

  7. Gladys kabaiya


  8. Catherine Wambui

    Phyne is fine and best ,av got solution of saltwater ,to Crystal clear water no salt and safe for consumption .
    Thanks very much phyne LTD.

  9. Becky

    Quality guaranteed. Thanks Phyneltd for always offering the best

  10. Dennie Mangi

    Works very well. And very affordable

  11. Liz

    The best machine I have ever used, thank you phyne for your good work

  12. Josphine

    Bravo Phyne Limited,my water machine is working perfectly,I love doing business with Phyne

  13. Mugane

    Best quality with great expertise, keep it up phyneltd.com

  14. John Mbugua

    Thanks phyne for your exceptional service

  15. Tom

    Quality products

  16. John Mbugua

    Thanks phyne for the exceptional service

  17. Surveyor kaara ngugi

    Great work done and quality guaranteed

  18. Surveyor kaara ngugi

    Great work done…

  19. Liz

    This is the best machine I have ever used. Thank you phyne for your good work

  20. Muturi

    Quality products, super amazing team… Definitely my prefered company!

  21. SK

    The best machine so far in the market. Problem solving to its best. Well done

  22. Esther

    Best machine with quality customer service from PHYNE limited and cost effective

  23. Peter

    Excellent customer experience . Thank you for your continued commitment in changing lives!!

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