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  • automatic bell system

    Automatic Bell System

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    We supply and install state of the art automatic bell system. The automatic bell system is ideal for any learning institution. It greatly helps in effective time management is schools because it is set to automatically ring at the right time without human intervention. The system is of the highest quality and will serve you…

  • Salad Atm, Cooking oil ATMs

    Cooking Oil ATMs

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    Phyne Ltd cooking oil ATMs are designed with high quality materials and crafted with great precision to ensure they perform optimally. Our experienced technicians have made some of the best salad oil ATMs you will come across in many urban centers. The cooking oil ATMs can dispense oil from as low as Kes10 and keep…

  • milk ATMs

    Milk ATMs

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    We make Kenya Dairy Board approved milk ATMs at affordable prices. Our milk ATMs come in different capacities from 100ltrs to 500lts. The components are all food grade and approved by Kenya Dairy Board to ensure they meet hygiene standards required considering that milk is a highly perishable product. The milk ATM comes with a…

  • programmable logic controllers

    Programmable Logic Controllers

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    We supply top quality programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for different industrial processes. The PLCs are suitable for different automation process in industries, factories and production plants. The controllers have been ruggedized and adapted for the control of different manufacturing processes. They are capable of automating specific processes or entire production lines. They can operate reliably…

  • water purifier & treatment machine

    Water Purifier & Treatment Machine

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    Our water purifier & treatment machine meets the highest quality standards. This machine is ideal for any water station you might want to install. The water purifier and treatment machines come in different capacities in terms of output volume. This machine is able to purify city council water, borehole water or river water and is…

  • Water Vending ATMs

    Water Vending ATMs

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    We make top quality water vending ATMs for any water vending business you may want to install. Our water vending ATMs are capable of selling water for as low as Kes 5. They have a digital control unit for setting the price of the amount of water the client wants. The unit accurately records sales…