Water Purifiers and Treatment Machines

Karibu PHYNE, You’ll love doing business with us!

We are a world leader exclusively dedicated to water management and water testing services.

We provide efficient, cost effective, innovative solutions for laboratory testing and water purification problems in water vending entrepreneurs, residential, commercial, and industrial, institutions and agriculture.

PHYNE focus provides clear foundations upon which effective and efficient future management of water and natural resources is based.

In whichever business you are in from leisure, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, PHYNE offers a one stop solution for all your water and waste water management needs.

The emphasis we place on customer service and technical support helps distinguish PHYNE.

With over 8years of experience, we are confident that we have skills and the resources to help reduce operating costs and  make efficient use of water.

A partnership build on integrity, excellence, expert consultation and a passion to help clients creates strong foundations for our success. That’s PHYNE

Water management, automation and laboratory analysis is all that we do, and consequently we do it brilliantly. No other company has same depth of dedicated expertise and equivalent experience.

Our water treatment services are unrivalled.