3. Water Vending ATMs

Water Vending ATMs

Phyne limited is well versed with automation and offers free consultation on which mode of payment is easy to adopt for a certain business venture. Water vending atm machines is part of what we do. We offer coin operated PLC (controller)where the customers inserts a coin and gets the product in return. On the same line, we offer multi-purpose Keypad operated PLC (controller) with GSM 

This is the most optimal controller in the market, reason being it has very low maintenance cost and at the same time gives alerts to your phone on sales done and stock available for vending. It also has a versatile  memory which enables it to store sales up to 30years.More so it is password protected and with admin and user segmented roles which makes it efficient to use.


Get a quality water vending ATM from us if you are getting into the business of water vending. We are a leading manufacturer of high quality water vending ATMs in Kenya. We are committed to offering customer satisfaction to all our clients.

Best and Affordable Water Refill Station

Water vending atm also known as water refill stations by Phyne limited are not only affordable but also our quality is unrivalled. Upon building a stainless steel food grade shell , we add filters  which include the precision filter and CTO  and uv sterilizer for secondary post  filtration. This is vital to remove particles that could have contaminated the water during transportation and most importantly remove rust particles  that may be from the water pump. We also add an plc (controller), that gives accurate volumes according to the pump flow rate. this gives confidence to your customers and your are also confident that your product is quality and meeting all health  and hygiene standards.

Reasons you should buy a water vending ATMs from us

Affordable products- we know that price is one of the main things you consider when making a purchase decision. And this is really important because you need to save every coin when starting the business. For this reason our prices are very affordable because we want you to start your business without stressing about cash constraints that many businesses experience when starting out.

Best quality products- we are happy when the products you buy from us serve you without hitches. However this can not be achieved without having a good quality product. We therefore make water vending ATMs that meet the highest quality standards in the market.

Durable products- not only are our Water vending atm of high quality but they are also durable. We use top quality long lasting materials that ensure the machine lasts for a long time so that you can get optimum value for money spent on the item.

Timely delivery- we don’t like to delay with your product once you make your order. We adhere to finishing your product within the set time so you can start generating income from the business immediately.

After sale services- in case of a fault or breakdown of the Water refill station , we always available to come fix it for you. Our timely customer service distinguishes phyne. We know how important it is to keep your business running and therefore we are always available to offer you timely services. And since you are our customer, you can rest assured we will give you a discounted rate on servicing of the machine.

Are you in the market for a water vending ATM? Phyne Ltd is your best source for quality water vending ATMs at the most affordable prices. Get in touch with us by sending us a WhatsApp message, filling the contact form below or clicking on the phone numbers at the top of the page to call us.