Where to Buy a High Quality Cooking Oil ATM in Kenya
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Where to Buy a High Quality Cooking Oil ATM in Kenya

Starting a cooking oil ATM business is one of those businesses you are assured of ready clients. This is because cooking oil is a daily use commodity in any household. It is classified as a fast moving consumer product because of the high rate of consumption. That is why despite the many cooking oil companies in Kenya, they still thrive. You too can get in the distribution chain buy reselling the cooking oil in smaller quantities using a salad oil ATM. In this post we have shared some guidelines to help you know where to buy a high quality cooking oil ATM in Kenya.

However before we share where to buy a salad oil ATM in Kenya, let us look at some of the advantages of selling cooking oil using an ATM.

Advantages of using a cooking oil ATM to sell salad oil

Hygiene- a cooking oil ATM is very hygienic to use. Because it is sealed, the oil cannot get contaminated. Both the holding tank and the main body of the ATM are sealed and this prevents any foreign matter from getting into the oil to contaminate it. In addition to that the dispensing tap points downwards and is at an elevated position. This prevents it from being contaminated with anything as opposed to using a measuring jug and funnel that are left exposed anywhere which increases their chances of getting contaminated.

No spillage- the cooking oil ATM comes with a dispensing tap that is very convenient and easy to use. It does not spill any oil and even in the unlikely event the oil dispensed is more than the container can hold or just any other cause of spillage that might occur, the oil returns back to the holding tank. This therefore means there’s no wastage of the oil.

Sell any amount- the salad oil ATM comes with a digital control unit that is calibrated and can sell any amount from as low as Ksh 10 bob of oil. This helps you to sell more than any other person who is selling oil in plastic bottles. As a result you are able to target any client even those of low income level in informal settlements.

Easy to do sales reconciliation- a cooking oil ATM comes with a digital unit that records sales. This is very beneficial because you can be able to easily do sales reconciliation at the end of the day or any cycle you choose and see if the figures adds up. You are able to know how much profit you made per each stock you bring in.

Password protected- another advantage of a salad oil ATM is being password protected. Only you or the person with the password is able to check the records or calibrate the machine. This means that your employee can’t steal from you by manipulating the records. You can therefore have many of them located in different places where you can employ people to run them without worrying someone will steal from you.

Where to buy a high quality cooking oil ATM in Kenya

Are you searching where to buy a high quality cooking oil ATM in Kenya? While there are several salad oil ATM manufacturers around, not all of them can be relied upon. Some do not offer quality products. We therefore encourage you to buy a top quality cooking oil ATM from Phyne Ltd. We have been in this field for a long time and have acquired the art of making high quality products.

When you buy a cooking oil ATM from us you are guaranteed of a high quality machine. While you also have the option of importing one, it will cost you more and you will have difficulties assessing after sale services in case it needs repair. Buying local is always advantageous because of the convenience it offers.

When you buy from us you don’t have to worry about after sale service. We offer it to all our customers at very affordable rates and on a timely basis. And the fact that our products are of high quality you will not have to worry about the machine breaking down easily.

Get in touch with us today if you are searching where to buy a high quality cooking oil ATM in Kenya. You can also pay us a visit at our workshop in Ruiru behind the bypass stage along Thika Road.

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