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Are you interested in starting the business of selling purified water? You need a water purifier for you to succeed in this because it is one of the main equipment you will need for operations. There are a several places you can get a water purifier machine in Kenya but not all suppliers offer you a good deal like we do.

Case for water purifier machine in Kenya

It’s true that water is life despite its scarcity in some areas in Kenya. But more seriously is the scarcity of clean water fit for human consumption. In many urban centers, the municipal water supply is not sufficient. And even despite the fact that there’s this municipal water, at times, it is not good for human consumption. On its way from the treatment plant, it might and indeed comes into contact with contaminants due to leakages.

It’s also important to note that even if this water is treated and even if it doesn’t get contaminated along the way, it can’t still be regarded as purified water. This is where the business of selling purified water comes in. But to successfully venture into this business, you need a water purifier. And that is where we come in as a market leader in the supply and installation of water purifier machines in Kenya.

Here are some reasons you should consider us if you are searching for a water purifier machine in Kenya

When venturing into this business, you need a durable machine that will give you value for money in the long run. And that’s exactly what you get with Phyne Ltd products. Our water purifying machines are built to last and run without breaking down easily.

We don’t sell you durability by just word of mouth but we support it with a warranty. This is what sets us apart as a leading supplier and installer of water purifier machines in Kenya. Every water purifier machine you buy from us comes with a 1 year warranty. However there are some components that are not covered by the warranty because they just go through normal wear and tear in the course of operation.

One of the main factors that determine how good a machine is, is its efficiency. For equipment that is one of the most critical if not the most critical for your business, you really need it to be efficient. As a leading supplier and installer of water purifier machines in Kenya, we make not only durable but very efficient machines. Our water purifiers are made to perform optimally at all times.
The cost implication is a major consideration when starting any business and this can really make a big difference in how you go about it. We want you to be able to afford the equipment you need so that your business can start off well and within the time frameset. Our water purifying machines are quite affordable so you don’t have to worry that cost might prevent you from starting the business
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One of the main advantages of buying a water purifier machine from Phyne Ltd is that you will also get free installation and commissioning. We ensure that the system is well set up and running as it ought to be. Therefore when you buy for us you are entitled to installation and commissioning for free. However, any labor cost and cost of modifying your premises are on you.

Phyne Ltd is the leading supplier of water purification machines in Kenya. If you are in the market for one please get in touch with us today for a quotation. Also, feel free to make any inquiries on any of our other products.


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